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May 21, 2014 / englandponticellostclair

England Ponticello & St. Clair Provide Maritime Client Representation

Serving employers and insurance clients throughout California, England Ponticello & St. Clair possesses several decades of experience in numerous practice areas. Among the specific areas of practice for which England Ponticello & St. Clair offers representation are maritime matters under the provisions of the Jones Act.

Q: What is the Jones Act?
A: The Jones Act regulates trade for ships that are US registered and whose commercial cargo or passenger route is limited to US departure and arrival locations. Such activities are generally known as “coastwise” trade. The Jones Act also allows for damage claims for seaman.

Q: What are some of the liabilities a maritime employer may have under the provisions of the act?
A: Under the act, maritime employers may have liability for a variety of injuries or negligence that some other employers may not. Some of these include liability for injury while living aboard ship but not “on-shift,” or even while leaving or returning to the ship off duty. Additionally, negligence can be claimed if the employer fails to provide medical treatment or rescue for injury resulting from a fight with another crewman, and multiple other maritime-specific scenarios.

Q: What are some of the damages that can be claimed by a maritime employee under the Jones Act?
A: Whether for injury or death, damages can be awarded for medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of support to widows, dependents, and more. More specific information is available by reading 46 United States Code, section 30104.


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